Okay but WAP Tho

just another lesbian here to wax gaypoetic about this beauty (please know i cannot possibly cover everything because my brain has still been on full pause since they dropped the teaser pic)
megan thee stallion and cardi be standing back to back with their eyes closed, and sharing an intricate hairstyle. their tongues are out and they can only be seen from the chest up. they both have gold earring that say WAP and are set against a hot pink background.

Yesterday, August 7, 2020, needing to know all the memes surrounding WAP, I decided to push through a depression episode and watch the Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion banger and buddy! am I ever glad I did:

[image description: screenshot of at lexplayagame on instagram of cardi b and meg thee stallion's WAP poster with a caption of "it's a good day to be a lesbian" in white letters over pink background]

We had hoped, my friends, we had hoped! But as a people who are known to make a meal of crumbs we hadn’t hoped for more and yet! The deliverance was soon upon us!

[image description: meg the stallion twerks on a stud on their birthday at a concert]
[image description: tweet from at theestallion that reads "i want to follow some real hotties where yall at" followed by the eyes and a fire emoji]

It was a good day for lesbians indeed but little did I know that it was gonna get even better.

On her insta story, (which is constantly a gift by the way), she let us know that she knows about that “real scissor shit” and that “im looking for a new girlfriend, if anybody tryin to be a hot girl” (both quotes via hotmessbian on insta who you should follow!).

MA’AM when I tell you I held my breath and nearly fainted (as if Meg was down the street and I was just waiting for a possible yes to go shoot my shot? I don’t know, staying in the house this long make you think all kinds of shit it possible)!

My pure lesbian reaction: THANK GOD I AM ALIVE IN THE TIME OF WAP

The cinematography? Flawless

The outfits? I don’t know shit about fashion but that shit looked EXTRA right on Cardi and Meg

The lyrics? Closeted high school me who secretly listened to Lil Kim and Trina on my iPod nano is LIVING

[image description: lyrics from WAP that read: "Look, I need a hard hitter, need a deep stroker
Need a Henny drinker, need a weed smoker
Not a garter snake, I need a king cobra
With a hook in it, hope it lean over
He got some money, then that's where I'm headed
Pussy A1 just like his credit
He got a beard, well, I'm tryna wet it
I let him taste it, now he diabetic
I don't wanna spit, I wanna gulp
I wanna gag, I wanna choke
I want you to touch that lil' dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat
My head game is fire, punani Dasani
It's goin' in dry and it's comin' out soggy"]
source: genius.com

The storyline? Bitch I ain’t ever been so fucking excited to see who behind which door this was a gift! (except, well, I think you know)

(you mean to tell me we getting Normani, RosalĂ­a, Mulatto, Sukihana, AND Rubi Rose?!)

The splits?

Cardi’s cheetah outfit?

Meg doing this?

A blessing from black sappho THEMSELF!

Am I using this article as a roundabout way to let Meg Thee Stallion know I big caps love her? Yes, now that we’ve got that out the way let’s go:

If you want more scholarly and in depth articles about the absolute fucking revolution of black female rappers that a lot of us are just getting hip to, I suggest you follow people who are much smarter and have been doing this work much longer than I:

Taylor Crumpton
Regina N. Bradley Ph.D

DeMicia Inman
Brooklyn White
Kiana Fitzgerald

A side personal note:

I’m here to see Meg The Stallion win all the time. I’m not a mega fan (yet) because like, did you know fan culture has changed? I can’t find shit on Tumblr anymore (I stopped using it after they decided to censor content/basically shit on sex workers), whomst even uses Facebook to yell about such things, and apparently everyone has moved to Twitter and Instagram?? Do you know how hard it is to find the appropriate fandom through these platforms? I find things out a week late, and then I’m so late I don’t even know who to ask for directions to the next place.

I need you to know I’m not back at my usual fan status. Usually, by now, I’ve got fifteen posters, three shows I have no way of paying for but will go to nonetheless, and can recite any lyrics at the drop of a hat. Alas, the quarantine has stolen the best of us and it is but a journey to find ourselves again.


From her interview with Normani and SZA,

(and you peeped Normani in the video right?) to her performing on 2020’s BET Awards,

when Meg wins ten angels gain their wings and that’s just fact.

Which for a minute let me tell you why this means extra much to me. After the complete shitshow that was people trying to not only blame Meg after a nigga deadass shot her, but wouldn’t even give her peace of mind to rest and heal?! Bitch Meg done deserve every good thing and then some to come to her all the time always. She cried in that IG video and I was ready to go to war for her heart.

image description: tweet from at theestallion that reads: "Black women are so unprotected and we hold so many things in to protect the feelings of oters without considering our own. It might be funny to y'all on the internet and just another messy topic for you to talk about but this is my real life and I'm real life hurt and traumatized."

I’ve talked about the violence endured by black butches, but the violence against black femmes is another monster that we need to examine and destroy. I am not in the position to talk about the violence inflicted on black femmes, for articles that handle this subject matter better please read:

Wear Your Voice Mag
Bitch Media

Growing up, watching music videos over and over trying to fit in and find my place as a black lesbian. Like, it’s deeper than I can explain. What is the feeling of loving a video on site, already feeling like, you’re at least on the outskirts of the party, cause you got rhythm and you know what they mean when they say one thing and other people will take it a different way. These videos mean even more when you find out the women who are so successful, so full of heart and the filthiest lyrics you’ve ever heard all delivered confident matter of fact, make your heart and ass pulse all synchronized and shit, also play for your team? That’s a whole new kind of family right there. One I never thought I’d live long enough to see.

I’ve never been so sad that I don’t live in a house with black and brown lesbians, where we could’ve renamed this day, “Meg Lookin For A Girlfriend”, gather around the dinner table starting our blessings with the gift that one of the baddest to ever do it doesn’t just lean this way, but walks her fine talented ass self here with purpose! Followed by the music video projected on the wall while we bowed and said grace. Days spent quoting WAP at every opportune moment, annoying the shit out of each other when they called family because we’d be singing the most inappropriate lyrics, not to piss them off but to remind them of family right here. And I guess that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Yeah Cardi and Meg are some of the most talented musicians ever, and it goes even deeper for me. I see this video and I feel like a piece of home is looking back at me.

bruh is this not the gift that keeps on giving??? whew

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