A. Tony Jerome

Black, autistic, nonbinary media creator. Below are examples of my work in blog and game writing, poetry, fiction, and theatre production.

Media Projects

(from top to bottom): Bitsy room detailing a retail experience, Lit From The Black! Fellowship announcement, and picture of my workspace while doing technical production for Afro Urban Society’s Bakanal de Afrique.

Media Projects

(from top to bottom): Six articles featured in Autostraddle (100 Poets, The Prom Musical, Girls’ Trip, My Hair and The Lighthouse, Twenty Afrofuturistic References, and Fourteen Music Videos), an excerpt from a fanfiction story featuring a F/F romance, and a screenshot of a poem featured in Freezeray Poetry.

Poem, The Holy Theatre after Kiki Petrosino featured in The Breakbeat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic.

2016 Emerging Young Adult Fiction Performance

Content warning: familial and sexual abuse.

Let’s build something together.

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