Curriculum Vitae

Awards & Recognition

2020-2021 Afro Urban Society Lit From The Black Fellow
2020 Pink Door Fellow (rescheduled due to COVID-19)
2020 Sunday Kind of Love Busboys & Poets Featured Writer – (rescheduled due to COVID-19)
2018 Words Beats & Life Poetry Feature
2018 Grow With Google Udacity Developer Scholarship
2017 Scholarship
2016 LAMBDA Literary Young Adult Fiction Emerging Writer Fellow
2015 Pink Door Fellow



Lit From The Black Lighting Design Fellow, Afro Urban Society,
8/2020 – 2/2021

Co-Playwright with Amber Smithers, Hope For The Holidays, hosted and performed by Adventure Theatre over Zoom on 7/26/20

Playwright, Endings Don’t Always Mean Disaster: 1 Minute Play in response to COVID-19, hosted and performed by One Minute Play Festival over Zoom on 4/17/20

Panelist, Disease and Disability: Using Poetry to Reveal and Empower, Split This Rock Festival (canceled due to COVID-19)


Editor, YesYes Books

Dog Trainer, PetCo

Accessibility Coordinator, A-Camp XI


Guest Experience Specialist, PetCo

Poetry Reader, OutWrite

Worldbuilding in LGBTQIA+ Panelist, OutWriteDC

We Sweat Honeysuckle Advisor, Winter Tangerine

Sing That Like Dovesong Workshop Advisor, Winter Tangerine

Camp Counselor, Autostraddle

Singing Songs Crooning Comets Workshop Advisor, Winter Tangerine


Hollows Shout The Mountain Down Workshop Advisor, Winter Tangerine and Monstering Mag

We Sweat Honeysuckle Workshop Advisor, Winter Tangerine

Judge, Fourth Annual Words Beats & Life DMV Grand Slam Finals


Orchids without Attached Thighs Workshop Advisor, Winter Tangerine

Summer Session Two Workshop Advisor, Winter Tangerine

Sing That Like Dovesong Workshop Advisor, Winter Tangerine


Intern, Aplastic Anemia and MDS Foundation


Food Production, Panera Bread, (- September 2018)



7 Books For Curious Kids To ReadBook Riot

[Untitled]Split This Rock, The Quarry


Going Back Outside After The Streetlights Come OnAutostraddle

Monday Roundtable: Into The WildAutostraddle

Lesbian Visibility Day 2019 Roundtable: Celebrating Our History and Our FutureAutostraddle

Friday Open Thread: Happy National Poetry Month, Let’s Share Our Favorite Poems!Autostraddle

The Harassment of Young M.A. and Including Black Butches When We Talk About ViolenceAutostraddle

The Black Lesbian Movie ProjectAutostraddle

Friday Open Thread: I Wanna Know Who You Keep As FamilyAutostraddle

Birthmarks RoundtableAutostraddle

Our Worst Birthdays RoundtableAutostraddle

How Could I Forget? RoundtableAutostraddle

The Black Lesbian Movie ProjectAutostraddle

Friday Open Thread: I Wanna Know Who You Keep As FamilyAutostraddle

To Grandmother’s House We Go, oh this is gonna hurtCrooked Arrow Press

What’s Your Age Again? RoundtableAutostraddle

I Learned It By Watching You RoundtableAutostraddle

Our Favorite MistakesAutostraddle

Reflections on Being 19 From 2019Autostraddle

Friday Open Thread: A Modest Proposal That Pet Store Are The New Queer Meet-Up Spots in 2019, Do You Agree?Autostraddle

Change Is Good RoundtableAutostraddle

New Year Open Thread: Let’s Shape 2019 With Our Words RoundtableAutostraddle

The Style Icons Who Inspired Our Gay StyleAutostraddle

Our First BrasAutostraddle

Still Holding On RoundtableAutostraddle

The First Queer People Who Pinged Our gaydars With Their Style RoundtableAutostraddle

Our Worst Haircuts RoundtableAutostraddle

The Board Games We Never Lose RoundtableAutostraddle

Since You’ve Been Gone RoundtableAutostraddle

How We Feel About Being Fat RoundtableAutostraddle

Our Favorite LGBTQ Historical Figures RoundtableAutostraddle


Forgiven, But Not Forgotten RoundtableAutostraddle

ROOM 25: I Swear Noname Look So RegalAutostraddle

Conversation With My BodyAntinarrative Journal

The Things We Did For the Money We Needed To Survive RoundtableAutostraddle

Friday Open Thread: Which Hill Will You Insufferably Die On?Autostraddle

What’s Your Relationship Kryptonite? RoundtableAutostraddle

Five Questions With Alexis SmithersOutwriteDC

A Story In PartsJaded Ibis Press

PERSONALS App Brings An Old School Dyke Dating Format Into A hot New Future, Thanks InstagramAutostraddle

Look At Our Stuff (We Collect), Isn’t It Neat? RoundtableAutostraddle

Queer Culture We Just Can’t Get Into RoundtableAutostraddle

Nervous About A-Camp? Let’s Do Some GroundingAutostraddle

Our Favorite LGBTQ NovelsAutostraddle

Kansas “Adoption Protection” Bill Protects No One, Hurts LGBT Families, Will Become Law AnywayAutostraddle

Our First Protests RoundtableAutostraddle

How Much Do You Know About Basketball[…]?Autostraddle

These Are The LGBTQ Movies That Destroyed Us Emotionally RoundtableAutostraddle

Lesbian Visibility Day RoundtableAutostraddle

Monday Roundtable: Our First Online CommunitiesAutostraddle

“We Exist:Beyond the Binary” Is a Sincere, Open Documentary About GenderAutostraddle

Introverts and Extroverts and Our Myers-Briggs Personality TypesAutostraddle

The Real and Fictional Couple Who Inspired Our Very First Relationship GoalsAutostraddle

pandled hell – my first bitsy room

100 Of My Favorite Poets For Your Survival PackAutostraddle

A+ Roundtable: The Sex We Just Can’t Get In ToAutostraddle

A+ Roundtable: Our First Time Watching PornAutostraddle

A+ Roundtable: Internalized Homophobia and Other Endearing Forms of Low-Key Self-HatredAutostraddle

Monday Roundtable: Our Most Incorrect Childhood BeliefsAutostraddle

Monday Roundtable: Our Favorite OutfitsAutostraddle

Black History Month Roundtable: Imagining Our Bright Bold Black Queer FuturesAutostraddle

Black History Month Roundtable: What Does Queering Black History Mean To You?Autostraddle

A Holy Theatre – The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic

Friday Open Thread: The Stories We Tell Ourselves To LiveAutostraddle

Are We Your (Enneagram) Type? RoundtableAutostraddle

They Would Have Never Guessed RoundtableAutostraddle

What Reality Show/Game Show Would You Destroy? RoundtableAutostraddle

Very Superstitious, Writing’s On The Wall RoundtableAutostraddle

A Manifesto For Everything I Create – Manifesto Jam


Friday Open Thread: Impossible ThingsAutostraddle

Our Personal Perfect Perfect Moments 2017 RoundtableAutostraddle

When’s The Last Time You Cried? RoundtableAutostraddle

What Kind Of Bitch Are You? RoundtableAutostraddle

Musicals Won’t Save The World But “The Prom” Is Gonna Try AnywayAutostraddle

All About Our Mental Health RoundtableAutostraddle

TV Shows We’re Watching to Escape This Nightmare World RoundtableAutostraddle

Friday Open Thread: Everything Coming Up SpookyAutostraddle

The Underwear We Wear RoundtableAutostraddle

AM/PM: Sandwiches For BreakfastAutostraddle

QTPOC Roundtable: Queer Anthem PlaylistAutostraddle

Monday Roundtable: I Was Not Myself Those DaysAutostraddle

Masculine-Of-Center Roundtable: How We Do It and What It Means To UsAutostraddle

5 Reasons You Should See “Girls’ Trip” (Again) This WeekendAutostraddle

QTPOC Roundtable: TV and Movie Characters That Made Us Feel SeenAutostraddle

The Holy Theatre Speaks (after Kiki Petrosino) + interviewThe Shade Journal Spotlight Issue: Seed

Are You Ten Years Ago: We Remember Tegan & Sara’s “The Con”, Which Changed Our LivesAutostraddle

Mannish Tongues by jayy dodd (Review)Monstering

14 Music Videos That Confirmed My SexualityAutostraddle

the trinity speaks hot lemonadepnkprl

I Never Meant for My Hair to Be the Way Back to the LighthouseAutostraddle

I’m So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had On by Khadijah Queen (Review)Winter Tangerine

black + mentally ill + trauma + nonbinary or i do exist and you can’t change that (excerpt) – &thriving anthology, glo worm press

Tell Me Your Diamonds (excerpt) – Emerge: 2016 Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Anthology

In Defense of Helga G. Patacki – Shadow Map Anthology

Child, Thou Art LoosedFreezeray Poetry

One Act Play In Which We Review Dalton Day’s Exit, PursuedMonstering


You Came Out Again & It’s Lookin Like This Time It’ll StickQuntfront Magazine

A Spoonful of

A Nightmare After PulseGlass: Poetry

In Defense of Helga G. PatackiUp the Staircase Quarterly

O, Ye of Little FaithMargins Magazine


UntitledBurn Something Zine

Excerpt From Untitled in Genre Fiction (video)Lambda Literary

Poetry Everywhere You Look: Bill Hader’s Interview with Hazlitt, “Empathy Implicates You”Words Dance

Subject: A List For When You Think It Might Happen Again Re: WorkRising Phoenix Press

DoubtRising Phoenix Press

Q (1)Rising Phoenix Press

Poetry Everywhere You Look: Welcome to Night Vale Blackout PoetryWords Dance


Answers – ScAR (Self care After Rape)

Sway This Way Review: The Pulp vs. The Throne by Carrie LorigWords Dance

Cypher (Explicit)Words Dance

Poetry as ChurchWords Dance

On Disrupting the Silence: Part 2Words Dance

On Disrupting the Silence: Part 1Words Dance

Stuff I Read When the Days Aren’t Going So GoodWords Dance

The Dance Interview Series with Brenna TwohyWords Dance

What to Read or Listen to After the NightmareWords Dance

From Sam after The Babadook and Carrie after The Blood/To: Their MothersFreezeray Poetry

Sway This Way Review: Monozygotic Codependent by Stephanie Bryant AndersonWords Dance

I Stole You a Poem But It’s Really Me Asking You To Watch Movies With MeWords Dance

Sway This Way Review: Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia RankineWords Dance

19 Poems to Combat the Stigma Around Mental HealthWords Dance

Sunday Family DinnerTHEEEEL



Joy-First Drafting: A.E. Osworth, a seven-week first draft novel writing course with A.E. Osworth and nine other students

Penning My Pieces: How To Piece Together Memoir Essays From The Puzzle Called Life, an eight-week creative nonfiction workshop, generated seven longform pieces and performed two essays, with Nicole Shawan Junior through Roots. Wounds. Words.

Virtual Dog Training During The Pandemic, a virtual seminar with Ines McNeil of The Modern Dog Trainer

Dog Training and Coronavirus: How to Prepare, a virtual seminar with Ines McNeil of The Modern Dog Trainer 

The Slow Novel Lab with Nina LaCour, drafted novel with group and mentor over six weeks   

Art of Attention with Claire Schwartz, drafted five poems, and discussed and dissected craft, form, and politics through assignments and group meetings over six weeks


Animal Emotions with Karolina Westlund, studied animal behavior through ten online modules


MasterClass with Shonda Rhimes, watched and participated in Shonda Rhimes’ curriculum on television writing

I Survived The Fire, Now What? hosted and led by poet and educator, Crystal Valentine, wrote poetry with a group for four weeks

Black Hogwarts, hosted and led by, wrote poetry with a group under Hufflepuff Headmaster, Brittany Rogers

Grow With Google Developer Program through Udacity


Web Development Student through (Present)

In Surreal Life hosted and led by musician and poet, Shira Erlichman, wrote poetry with group for thirty-one days

AwQward Camp: A Li’l Laughing Color hosted by Capturing Fire, comedy writing workshop with Chelsea Shorte

AwQward Camp: Mystical Manifestos hosted by Capturing Fire, writing and meditation workshop with Dane Edidi

Intro to AwQward Camp: Diving Into the Brownness of Me hosted by Capturing Fire, theatre & writing workshop with Regie Cabico & J Mase III

Fleshing It Out hosted by Capturing Fire, movement & writing workshop with writer, Sonya Renee

Interview with Shonda Rhimes, hosted by the National Book Festival

Speakeasy Project: Session I hosted by The Blueshift Journal, studied poetry for four weeks in a group led by poet & activist, Christopher Soto (Loma)


Writing From the Queer Heart hosted by LitReactor, studied creative nonfiction for four weeks in a group led by artist & writer, Cooper Lee Bombardier

In Surreal Life hosted and led by musician and poet, Shira Erlichman, wrote poetry with group for thirty-one days

Emerging Writers Program hosted by LAMBDA Literary, studied genre (Young Adult) fiction in group led by award-winning author, Benjamin Alire Sáenz for seven days

From The Black Arts Movement to Cave Canem: A Masterclass in Children’s Literature, hosted by The Library of Congress, Cave Canem, The Shakespeare Theatre Company, and We Need Diverse Books


We Sweat Honeysuckle hosted by Winter Tangerine, studied poetry in group with LGBTQIA writers

So This Is Madnes_s_ hosted by and led by Shira Erlichman, studied and created poetry for two months in weekly one-on-one sessions

Pink Door Retreat hosted and led by award-winning poet, Rachel McKibbens, studied and created poetry with women and nonbinary writers of color for four days


Academy of the Holy Cross received high school diploma in 2011

*Watch Me Work is the tagline of the WNBA

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